Day Six, A bidding goodbye

Hey guys,

Although this post comes slightly late in the week, last Wednesday was day six of my work experience, the last of my transition year course. It's great to be finishing a year full of new experiences and friendships, but it was sad to leave the café that I had come to every Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed being at. Here's what I got up to on my very last day of work experience ever.

Myself and Eimear arrived at our usual time, holding a box of chocolates and a thank-you card for everyone at the café. They all loved it and were so surprised that we had gotten them anything at all, but of course we wanted to give them something that conveyed how thankful we were for the past few weeks.

We then continued on with our daily routines, working together for the first time at the grab & go counter, and really getting the swing of how to run things, we both felt like we really belonged and it seemed as though we had been there MONTHS! Our day came to an abrupt end, and we had to bid farewell. They were so kind and gave us two cakes of our choice before we left for home at 5:00pm. I wish I could have stayed longer.

So that's the end of transition year work experience, and posts on this blog. I hope I have been a good diary writer of all the things work experience has taught me, and I hope that whoever read anything enjoyed doing so. It is so strange to now leave behind a project I have been continuously working on all year, and that I have become exceedingly interested in each week.



Day Five

Hey guys,

So as you can probably tell by now, my work experience days are pretty repetitive, and while that might mean you don't enjoy reading about them, it doesn't mean that I don't really enjoy doing them.

So, on my second last week of work experience at the cafe (where has time gone?!) I got started with a new task; cutting bread. 'That's easy' you say, 'done in a jiff' I hear.... WRONG. These are your hardcore meaty loafs of bread that are a task in themselves to slice and dice. I was at it for what must have been the best part of an hour and had almost grown my own pair of pop-eye arm muscles by the time my friend stepped in to finish them off while I had my morning break and time to  rest my sore arms.

I then returned to the grab & go counter where I worked doing thisthis, and this until leaving for home at 5:00 pm.

Till next week,

Day four

Hey guys,

As I didn't get up to anything out of the ordinary on day four of my work experience, I thought you might appreciate a few pictures of the type of food they sell here at the cafe, better than nothing! plus, if I have to stare at them all day and refrain, so do you!

So that's a little slice of the cafe that I work at, hope you had a great week and aren't too hungry after seeing these pictures!

Till next week,


Day three

Hey guys,

So already day three of my last work experience has passed and I'm already half way through working in the cafe. I know already I'll be sad to leave as I have really enjoyed myself here so far. So, here's what I got up to..

I arrived at 8:50 am with my classmate Eimear, and we went straight to the cloak room to put our bags away. I then got to work on the grab & go counter and worked there for the remainder of the day. The Punchestown races were taking place nearby so the cafe got gradually busier as the day progressed. The cafe goes through a lot of bread, butter, scones & dishes so I continuously stocked up on each when we were running low.

As appearance is always important I made sure to keep the counter as clean as possible. This meant wiping away any spills or crumbs and rearranging any disorderly bread baskets. For lunch I had a delicious pear & vanilla scone and later on in the day I enjoyed a cup of celeriac & fennel soup along side some homemade brown bread, it was all delicious.

It was another great day in the cafe and I continued to come to grips with using the till and what not. At the end of the day Eimear and one of my co-workers managed to play a funny trick on me, so the day was ended on a high. That's all for me from this week,

Till next time,

Here are some little snippets of the place i'm working in:
(yes, that is a GIANT easter egg, it weighs the same as 7 and a 1/2 baby elephants!


Day Two

Hey guys,

Yesterday was my second day at work experience in the cafe, and this week I was joined by my friend Eimear. Here's what I got up to..

Eimear and I arrived to work at 8:40am Wednesday morning. We put our coats away in the cloak room and got working in the cafe. I worked at the counter I had been at the previous week and got people coffee, tea, scones, sandwhiches etc. I then broke for my 15 minute morning break and returned to the same task.

I continued to serve customers, getting soup for them and bringing their food to the table when needed. I also stocked up on scones from the bakery throughout the day. I kept the counter looking clean and tidy and brought dishes for wash up regularly. I also stocked up on clean plates, glasses, cups, ice, lemon slices etc.

After lunch I returned back to the same task. I continued on for the next hour and was then taught how to use the till.  It was really confusing at first but I eventually got the hang of it and ran the counter by myself for a little while. As the day came to an end I helped to clean the counter. I wiped down the shelves and counter top and helped to put lemon slices, cream etc away in the fridge. I left for home at 5:00 pm.

Till next week,



Day one: work experience no. Three

Hey guys,

Yesterday I started my third work experience which will continue on every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks. Here's what I got up to:

I arrived at 9:50 am, ten minutes early. When I arrived I found the manager. She then introduced me to all the workers and showed me around the cafe. She brought me to the cloak room, lunch room and kitchen. She then brought me over to one of the counters and showed me what to do. I learnt how to make the different types of coffee and tea orders, and how to present them. I got to work taking orders from customers and getting them soup, tea, coffee and the occasional sandwich from the display.

After no time I was sent on my break and met some more workers while in the lunch room. I was told that I am allowed as much food and whatever food I want for lunch from the cafe's selection(yaaay). I got back to work and was called into the kitchen to work with another one of the workers. She got me working cutting up lemons. The kitchen is huge and is full of chefs cooking for the restaurant & cafe. You must wear a net over your hair each time you enter the kitchen for health reasons. I then went back out and continued to work with different girls throughout the day. Everybody was lovely and really friendly with me. I also stocked up on bread when it went low and kept the counter looking neat & tidy. For lunch I grabbed some food from the cafe and spent another 30 minutes in the lunch room, meeting new people.

While pouring soup for one customer I managed to badly burn my hand. I told one of the girls and immediately I was brought a burn treatment for my hand and told to relax in the lunch room for 20 minutes until it went down. They were all lovely about it and it seemed like everybody I talked to had burnt their hand with the soup on their first days too. Nearing the end of the day I helped to clean the outer counters and one of the food fridges. I then finished my day at 5:00 pm. It was a great day and already has been my favourite day of all the work experiences so far.

Till next week,